Secure payments.

To pay with credit card, just select this option in the checkout page. You will be redirected to our payment partner, Pay-Pay, so you can type your card information in a secure way. No credit card information will be accessible or stored by Jasmilin.

Because we use 3D Secure security mechanism for online shopping, will will be redirected a second time to your card’s bank site for an additional validation, after which the contribution will be automatically registered and you’ll be redirected back to Jasmilin.

It is important to note that to do online shopping in 3D Secure websites such as Jasmilin you must activate that feature on your card. Please check with you bank for details.

For more informations on our payment partner visit


Select “Wire Transfer” in the checkout step and you will receive the required instructions and information in the screen and in your email address. These are:

Make the bank transfer with the given information.

Send us the transfer receipt with your name to  with the receipt, making sure you specify your name. This notification is mandatory so we can match your bank transfer.

The procedure can take up to two business days, after we receive the email with the receipt. We will send a confirmation email once your contribution is registered.


If you have access to a Portuguese bank account, you can also use ATM references, accepted in any ATM machine or in your favorite your home-banking solution.

Select this option in the checkout page to receive your unique ATM reference. The information will also be sent by email.

You can then head to any ATM machine, select “Pagamento de Serviços / Service Payments” and introduce the given information (entity, reference and amount). In a few moments, you will receive a confirmation email once the contribution is registered.
As an alternative, you can pay the reference using online banking, without having to go to an ATM machine, or visit any PayShop agent with the ATM reference and the amount to pay, and the agent will take care of the payment.


With MB WAY, you can connect your bank account cards to your cellphone number and start buying or transferring money in a simple, secure and imediate way through your smartphone or tablet. Just activate the service in a Multibanco, install the MB WAY App and active the service in your smartphone.

If you are a MB WAY user, just choose this payment option, confirm the transaction in your smartphone and confirm that your support was automatically registered!