Innovative products
for babies.

With Jammack or Mimihug, babies thank you and parents too!


This product is the ideal solution to go shopping with your baby


Jammack and Mimihug were submitted to strict quality control tests in order to be certified.


Cozy and comfortable for your baby!



This product is the ideal solution to go shopping with your baby

As a fabric bed that is fastened in the side bars of the supermarket trolley, it leaves all the area of the trolley beneath the bed free for the groceries.



It’s like a band that “embraces” the baby and prevents him/her from falling and getting hurt.

Unique size, it’s indicated for babies from 6 months old on. DO NOT use for babies that can’t sit by themselves.

Set of 3 bags


So you can have everything in the baby bag.

This set has a bag for diapers, another for baby wipes and another for the baby’s extra clothes.

Available in several colours.


Gift Cards


If you want to offer a Mimihug or a Jammack but you don’t know what colour to choose, offer a Gift Card.

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