Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, safety is very important for us. Jammack and Mimihug were submitted to strict quality control tests in order to be certified. Those tests were performed in an independent and accredited laboratory and both products were approved.

The products have been evaluated taking into account Technical Report CEN / TR 13387 – Child safety and use articles – General safety guidelines of the European Committee for Standardization.

DO NOT use the product if it’s not well installed and ALWAYS use it with permanent surveillance!

Jammack was designed for newly born up to six-month-old babies. DO NOT use it for babies that already try to sit by themselves and/or that are strong enough to try to get out of the chair because they might fall.

The baby’s size is irrelevant because even being able to stretch their legs, they prefer to have them shrunken as they feel they are in their “nest”.

Mimihug is a product for babies that already sit by themselves. Their size and weight is irrelevant.

Jammack was tested in a large number of trolleys, not in all of them though. And only in 1 of the tested trolleys it didn’t fit because the side bars have more than 2 centimeter wide. Check here the supermarket trolley you usually use:

As for the Mimihug, it works in all the trolleys we tested. Check here:

Yes! They only have one way to fit in. Before using them read all the information and instructions. You can read them in this site next to the product description.

Both products are very easy to wash. They only need to be hand-washed at 40ºC with a baby detergent, be hung to dry and ironed at a maximum of 150ºC.

If you have any further questions that are not here nor in the Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate in contacting us through the email