The story…

As in many stories, this one starts with “Once upon a time…”

Once upon a time… there was a newly mum with a problem: the complicated task of going shopping with her baby.

I tried every tips given by other mums: putting the baby carrier inside the supermarket trolley; the sling… but none of them fulfilled their goal.

I tried to take the shopping basket on one hand and push the baby trolley with the other hand but once again I couldn’t do all my shopping.

The remaining solution was to put the baby carrier on top of the supermarket trolley. However, this idea was immediately put aside because no way I would put my baby through a dangerous situation that could potentially cause a serious accident.

None of the available options was really effective, comfortable and safe. So I decided to find a solution: I borrowed my granny’s sewing machine. And then, I found myself with another problem: I couldn’t sew.

Again, I immediately solved it using the internet. I learned to sew by myself and after several (some of them really clumsy) prototypes I successfully created the Jammack.

When my baby started to sit by herself, the experiments returned. By sitting her on the chair of the supermarket trolley, with the normal lack of balance, she could fall and get hurt in the trolley.

Next try: to tie her to the back of the chair. However, it wasn’t efficient at all and so I got back to the sewing machine. After some more experiments I successfully created the Mimihug.

If you’re a mum I’m sure you’ve already experienced this situation many many times! With Jammack or Mimihug babies say thank you and their parents also do!

About me, my name is Léa Gonçalves, I’m 34 years old and I live in a small village in the countryside, Sardoal. I’ve got a daughter. Her name is Íris Jasmim and she is my inspiration to my work because she made me understand what a baby really needs.

As a tribute to little Jasmim, I named my company after her.